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Sub-floor Prep

The key to any good quality flooring installation is the proper preparation of the sub-floor. This is an often overlooked area of the flooring business and can be neglected by many installers at the quotation stage to keep initial quotations down and artificially win business against more thorough companies. Worse still, many installers will neglect to carry out the correct sub-floor preparation during the installation process and will leave the flooring in an unsuitable condition, invalidating product warranties.

At Happy Feet Floors, we carry out a full inspection of the sub-floor on each site we visit [where possible]. By doing this we can include the costs of the sub-floor preparation within our quotation. If for any reason we can’t inspect the sub-floor [for example, the carpet is down and can’t be removed until the installation date], we make our customers aware of the potential cost for any sub-floor preparation work, thus avoiding any nasty suprises.

Sub-floor preparation can include levelling floor areas with screed, building areas up with cement, building areas up with ply or hard boarding, smoothing over uneven boards with ply or hardboard, applying damp proof membranes to concrete floors, installing plastic damp proof membranes over floorboards, removing previous floor coverings, securing squeaky floorboards, etc.

Floor Inspection

Happy Feet Floors are able to provide a flooring inspection service for any problems or accidents you have had with your flooring. We are able to provide inspections and quotations for insurance purposes and we actively work with a number of insurance companies to get you house or business back to its original condition.

Commercial Flooring

Contract flooring covers a large range of products, from sheet and individual vinyl tiles to commercial grade laminates and woods.  Happy Feet Floors  have worked on many commercial projects, including jobs on behalf of Gap, DHL, Costa Coffee, JD Weatherspoons, etc.. We have many products to suite commercial environments and are happy to hear from you and advise on the options available. For more information about our commercial flooring options, please visit our contract floors page.

Door Trimming

If you have a new type of flooring installed that is thicker than the original type of flooring, you may need to have your doors trimmed to accommodate the increase in height. This is usually the case when you are replacing carpet or vinyl with laminate floors and real woods. However, if you are upgrading to a thicker carpet or thicker underlay, this may also require your doors to be trimmed. Happy Feet Floors, unlike many other flooring companies, are happy to trim your doors down to accommodate your new flooring. The service is offered by our professional wood fitters, and is a must to avoid damage to your newly installed flooring.

Rug Edging and Whipping

Happy Feet Floors offer a whipping service for any carpet offcuts you have from having your carpet installed. We offer this service to our carpet customers and to anyone who requires our assistance. Using an offcut of carpet and making it into a rug is a great way of reducing the wear and tear on your newly fitted carpet. Rugs can be used in hallway, by chairs where feet are rested, by front and back doors, in fact, anywhere you please.


You will often need or want to have your skirting boards renewed or replaced at the time you’re having a flooring installation. Happy Feet Floors offer a supply and installation service on a wide variety of skirting boards. We have a large number of profiles and finishes in solid oak, pine, MDF and walnut.  We also offer a staining service on our oak skirting boards for our flooring customers.  When you are having a wood or laminate floor installed, you need to have an expansion gap around the edge of the room and around any immovable objects. This gap can be covered by some form of beading or you can opt to have skirting boards taken off, and refitted once the flooring is laid, covering the expansion gap.


Happy Feet Floors are able to provide all of the accessories required to give you the finish and look that you desire. This could be the solid wood doorbars to finish your wood flooring, furniture felt pads to protect your floor from scratches, rugs to brighten and warm up your room. We could even install lights into the flooring to add focal points within your room. If you can’t find what you need, let us know and we’ll try to fnd a solution.

Wood Fitting

When you are looking to have a new wooden floor, it is important to make sure you trust the person that will be installing the floor. You should speak to them directly when they are doing a site survey, ask them questions about the installation, check reference from previous clients, and never pay the full value upfront. Happy Feet Floors offer a full supply and installation service on all of our wood floors. We have been installing wood for over 10 years and have faced every problem imaginable. We can provide a vast amount of references with before and after photos of our work. We will always give an honest quote and provide you with the costing up front so that you have the full facts.

Laminate Fitting

Laminate floor fitting is one of the areas that a large number of quiet tradesmen will say they can do, from builders, to plumbers, to electricians. However, it is also one areas that causes customers the most concern due to the poor fitting standards often evident. In reality, the process of putting down a laminate floor on a flat surface is not that difficult due to the click system installation process. However, getting the floor installed correctly is another matter. You must take in to consideration the expansion gaps, the suitability and evenness of the sub-floor, the beading and doorbars, undercutting the architrave, and the time that it will take a non-skilled trader to install your flooring. Happy Feet Floors install laminate floors day in, day out, and we know all the tricks of the trade and can have your flooring completed professional in a fraction of the time of non-floor fitters. We offer a full supply and installation service on our laminate floors, including a no obligation site survey and measurement service. All of our standard laminate floors have a minimum 10 year warranty, so you can be assured of a high quality product and service when you come to Happy Feet Floors

Carpet Fitting

Happy Feet Floors have been supplying and installing carpets for a long time. We offer a professional supply and fitting service on patterned axminster carpets, natural fibre carpets, striped carpets, man-made carpets, 80:20 wool mix carpets, 100% wool carpets. We have a large number of photos of previous installations of Brintons carpets, Ulster carpets, Axminster of Devon carpets, Alternative Flooring carpets, Crucial Trading carpet, Kersaint Cobb carpets, etc..

Cap and Cove, Safety Flooring

Safety flooring is the name given to the type of flooring that you will see in toilets, kitchens, hospitals, doctor and dentist surgeries, gyms, swimming pools, food preparation areas and factories. This type of flooring is used as it is hygienic and has slip reduction properties. It can be used in infection control areas and where a floor needs to be fully waterproof, such as a wet-rooms. The main companies that manufacture this flooring are Altro, Polyflor, Tarkett and Gerflor. Safety flooring can be fitted partially up walls and pieces can be welded into corners to provide a hygienic waterproof flooring area. This allows easy cleaning and conforms to infection control standards.

Happy Feet Floors have been installing cap and cove safety flooring and standard safety flooring for many years. We have worked with all of the manufacturers and are able to fully prepare your sub-floor for the installation. We are able to weld joints and install the capping and coving for the flooring.

Floor Restoration – Sanding and Sealing

The restoration of a wooden floor is a great way to revive a room and make the most of an original feature. We will often get calls from customers who have had the fortune to find an original parquet floor underneath a carpet or laminate floor. Our job begins with the inspection of the existing floor to assess the viability of the refurbishment. We check the level of damage to the floor and honestly advise on the quality of restoration that can be achieved. Refurbishment of a wooden floor involves several stages of careful sanding and repair work, followed by sealing the floor with a lacquer or oil. Our professional flooring restorers have been in the trade for two decades, and will take the time and effort to achieve the required results from the restoration project.

Parquet Installation

The installation of a parquet floor is a labour intense and long process and should only be carried out by a professional floor fitter. The fashion at present is leaning towards straight planked flooring installations, and cost wise they have an advantage also. However, the proper installation of a good quality parquet flooring offers timeless beauty and a floor that will outlast all of us. Installing a parquet floor involves several stages, firstly the sub-floor must be prepared and a damp proof membrane laid if necessary, after this the blocks can begin to be laid in the central area. Once this has been done, a border can be laid and the blocks next to the border can be cut down to size and installed. The next stage once the adhesive has dried is to sand the floors to the correct level and to finish with a lacquer or oil. Finally, the finishing touches such as skirting boards, doorbars and trims can be installed.

Happy Feet Floors are able to supply and install parquet floors in a wide range of woods, finishes and flooring patterns and our trained installers are on hand to ensure the installation meets all of your expectation. We have photos available of previous installation if you would like some ideas and inspiration.


Happy Feet Floors have extensive experience of working out quotes based on flooring plans provided by housebuilders and archtechts. If you have plans and are worried about getting a quote for carpet and flooring, send them to us and we can work out the costings to a decent degree of accuracy.

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