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Why Choose Quickstep Laminate Flooring?

Quickstep if often regarding as the market leader in the UK laminate flooring industry due to their significant strength in design, marketing and distribution.

They offer a high quality laminate flooring product and an almost endless array of woods, tiles, and other forms. Quickstep have laminate products with varying lifespans and warranties, along with products suitable for domestic and commercial installations.

Some of the quickstep ranges include:

  • Quickstep Largo
  • Quickstep Vogue
  • Quickstep Country
  • Quickstep Rustic
  • Quickstep Eligna
  • Quickstep Perspective
  • Quickstep Elite
  • Quickstep Lagune
  • Quickstep Classic
  • Quickstep Creo
  • Quickstep Majestic
  • Quickstep Arte
  • Quickstep Quadra

Quickstep Laminate Fitting and Advice

Happy Feet Floors have been installing Quickstep laminate flooring into the homes and businesses of our customers with great success since we began our business. We have the full product ranges in our shops and will be able to advise you on the most suitable Quickstep range and style for your requirements. We won’t try and push you onto the most expensive or cheapest Quickstep ranges, but rather look at what is best for ‘you’ the customer. Our fitters are trained to install laminate floors and have been doing so for a number of years. We charge a fair price for the work we do, and concentrate on offering an exceptional service.  

Take advantage of our free no-obligation site inspection and quotation service.

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