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Why Choose Mohawk Flooring?

Mohawk are a very large flooring manufacturer with a diverse and varied range of coverings. Their carpet range covers many colours and textures and is made up of the following:


Built in stain and soil resistance that will never wear or wash off. Easy to clean with water only, no chemicals required. Made in part from renewable source [corn]. The ranges are Mama Mia, Fashionable Knowledge, Intelligent Style, Splendour, Freedom, Liberty and Independence.


Stain resistant carpet manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. Up to 3 billion plastic bottles per year go into the production of Everstrand carpets. Supreme quality and luxurious depth in the Half Century and New Century range.

Mohawk Carpets Fitting and Advice

Happy Feet Floors have been working with Mohawk flooring for a number of years and have experience of supplying and installing their product in the homes of our customers. Mohawk have some high end carpets with great textures and high appearance retention capabilities.

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