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Alternative Flooring

Why Choose Alternative Flooring Carpets?

Alternative Flooring offer a large and varied range of natural fibre carpets made from wools, grasses, sisals, coir and Jute. They carry a range of exclusive and award-winning carpets made with sustainable natural fibres that are kind to both you and the environment. In addition, they offer a custom rug design service, allowing you to combine any of their products with various borders and edges. 

Alternative Carpets Fitting and Advice

Happy Feet Floors have been installing natural fibre carpets from Alternative Flooring for many years and our fitters are fully trained on the product ranges. We pride ourselves on offering a service to match the quality and beauty of the Alternative Flooring range. Installing a natural fibre carpet such as sisal takes a great deal of skill and patience, and you will find that the majority of carpet fitters will refuse to fit them.

We believe in the quality of the product and the exceptional looks and style that a finished installation can give you. We also have many satisfied customers that have chosen to have Alternative Flooring stripes installed in their homes to great effect and admiration.

Take advantage of our free no-obligation site inspection and quotation service (contact us to book a free quote).

Alternative flooring quirky B shuttle silas as a runner on double stairs 1

Mrs N was looking for a stand out carpet for her double stairs and mid-landing, showing off the condition of the original stairs. After having looked at the range of Quirky B samples from our in store BE Retailer stand, several samples were taken home to put on the stairs to get a feel of how they would look. The Shuttle Silas design from Margo Selby was chosen as the winner.

Mrs N wanted the stairs to be installed as central runners with whipped edges and then fully covered on the landing. The job required a great deal of planning and several measurments to make sure everything was cut and ordered correctly.

We spent the first visit getting the carpets cut up to size for the stairs and winders and then a second fit to install everything.

The finished results really show off the Quirky B range and look amazing in the house.

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